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September 04, 2010

Fall TV Handbook

2010 Fall TV Handbook

Over the next few days, we'll have a series of posts looking at the fall TV schedule hour by hour. I'll let you know which shows are up against each other, who the stars are, what sort of buzz I'm hearing about each show, and what sort of audience might like each show. I'll also tell you my plans for the hour, and then you can all start worrying about how much TV I'm trying to watch. (Hi Mom!) Rest assured that a) I'll give up on most of the new shows after an episode or two and b) just being I'm DVRing something doesn't mean I'm actually watching it. (I still have stuff from last season on the TiVo.)

As in the index, I'll link you to each show's official page, give you scheduling and premiere info, and put a star before the new shows. I know titles should be italicized, but when I'm naming so many titles over and over I'm just not going to risk the coding errors. All times are Eastern. Any questions? Let me know. Enjoy!

Posted by Kat at September 4, 2010 02:17 PM
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