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August 27, 2010

Billy Joel Songs I Want on Glee

TV: Glee

Glee got the rights to use Billy Joel songs, and TWoP has a list of songs they should use. Here are my ideas; some are the same as TWoP's and some are different. Disclaimer: I realize that I am totally biased toward Will, Finn, and Rachel. I would happily just listen to/watch them forever. But I tried to work a few other characters into this as well.

Edited to add: Alyssa points me to "Vienna," which I'm not sure I'd ever heard. But she's right - it's marvelous, and would be a good Will-to-Rachel song.

"The Stranger" - This feels like a Kurt song to me, for some reason.

"Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" - Tailor-made for some sort of "Will and Terri run into each other" scene, no?

"Just the Way You Are" - Hmm. Will to Emma, maybe? This could be practically anyone, really. Oh! No! Wait! Finn should try to be more . . . whatever . . . to be like Jesse, and Rachel should sing this.

"My Life" - I agree with TWoP that this would be good for Quinn this season.

"You May Be Right" - This song has Puck written all over it.

"It's Still Rock and Roll to Me" - Oh, come on. This is practically a reactionary music class in a song. OBVIOUSLY Will will sing this to the club.

"Tell Her About It" - I'd like a nice ensemble number of Will and the boys all advising each other on their various girl problems. On second thought, this would probably be the best Billy Joel option for Mercedes's voice. She can lecture the boys about how they're being dumb.

"Uptown Girl" - Finn to Rachel, obvs.

"A Matter of Trust" - This actually fits Finn and Rachel pretty well. Duet please!

"This Is the Time" - I think Will would do a nice job of this. (I LOVE this song.)

"We Didn't Start the Fire" - How about an Artie-led ensemble number?

"And So It Goes" - This seems suited to Tina, actually.

Posted by Kat at August 27, 2010 10:00 AM

My first thought was *We Didn't Start The Fire*, but the current generation of teens really have no place singing that song. It's a song that belongs to the middle-aged angst of the baby boomers, and then of course Generation X gets to identify with it because it came out when we were the ones buying albums and going to dances, but I actually think seeing a bunch of sixteen-year-olds belting it out would annoy me.

Posted by: Rachel at August 28, 2010 02:10 PM

Actually, I see Uptown Girl as better from Puck to Quinn, if we're still looking at Puck & Quinn to be together.

Posted by: Kate at August 30, 2010 03:47 PM
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