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August 24, 2010

My Boys 4.6: "Hanger Management"

TV: My Boys

The boys are having a domino effect of new chapters in their lives. What are they changing? Read on . . .

Kenny is an organizer! Love it. His new chapter is going to be a closet organizing business. He tries to clean out PJ's closet but she doesn't want to get rid of anything, so it doesn't go so well. He eventually gets the closet prettified, but he really wants to unpack Bobby's stuff. PJ's worried about Bobby moving away for grad school, so she won't let Kenny unpack anything. Also, it takes three whole days for Mike to make the obvious "coming out of the closet" joke.

Brendan is moving out! Will they ever explain why they call him "Brando" even though his name is not "Brandon"? Apparently not. Sorry, I digress. Everyone is doubting that he will actually move out because he always says he will and doesn't, but hasn't he moved in and out a few times over the course of the show? Whatever. He starts packing, or planning to pack, but gets bogged down in looking at his stuff. I sympathize, Brendan. Happens to me all the time.

Bobby's thinking about going to medical school! Nifty. You'd think he would have done that before he lost all his money, but anyway. PJ's doctor friend tells him about how med school will ruin his life, so then he's much less sure about the whole thing. So he goes to talk to an old professor about going into academia, and is told to run far away. So he talks to a lawyer and decides he wants to go to law school.

Mike is . . . watching the World Cup? Okay. That's not so much a new chapter. Stephanie is pulled in by the cute guys, of course.

At the end of the episode, the group is stunned to discover that Brendan has actually moved out - and he used Bobby's boxes to do so, which means that Kenny at least somewhat unpacked Bobby's things. PJ freaks out about this until Bobby finally makes her talk about what's actually bothering her, which is, of course, the idea of him moving away to go to school. He immediately reassures her that he's not going anywhere, and picked law school partially so he could stay in Chicago with her. So this is yet another example of PJ refusing to talk about an issue and Bobby being perfect in every way. I hope we get some sort of variation on that soon.

Overall, this episode was better than some others this season. The characters actually grew and progressed, and hopefully those changes will stick. And PJ and Bobby are still adorable together. Let's hope the show keeps them together for good this time.

Posted by Kat at August 24, 2010 03:00 PM

The last few episodes of this show have been paralleling my life in so many weird ways - let it never be said that it's not realistic! I definitely agree with you in wanting PJ to figure out how to ovary up and just talk about stuff w/ Bobby soon. But, you know, it occurred to me just as I was reading your recap - isn't it kind of nice and against stereotype that the lady is the one in the relationship who's a crummy communicator, rather than the dude, even though guys are "supposed" to be the ones who can't talk about their feelings? A little bit frustrating, I suppose, in that it sometimes feels like they push the "PJ's just one of the guys" angle of things a bit too heavily, but I feel like they're consistent enough about it that it does ring true. Whew! Now that I practically wrote another recap in response to your recap...

Posted by: your cousin Liz at August 24, 2010 06:37 PM
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