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August 26, 2010

Royal Pains 2.11: "Big Whoop"

TV: Royal Pains

Evan's cute when he's upset. Keep reading . . .

Patients of the Week: Stanley of the video games and recurring colds is actually a process server. Huh.

Phillips family: Emily has to come in to consult, of course, and the fact that the doctors don't know what the other is doing certainly doesn't help. And everyone has whooping cough! Whee. I didn't realize that was one of the things that people delayed vaccinating for. Hmph.

Clinic: Shut down! Jill is quite cleverly using Boris's name to bluff, and Evan is proud. And the lawsuit was dropped. But Boris is mad.

Emily: The URL thing is pretty clever, and standard. But Evan's reaction to Hank and Emily being together was completely hilarious. Poor thing feels so betrayed. He and Divya plotting together to get Emily and Hank apart is great.

Lawson dad: There's some sort of intrigue going on, but what the heck is it? Who knows! I think he said "letterhead" and "signature" to the guy at the parks department at the end.

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