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August 25, 2010

Royal Pains 2.10: "Whole Lotto Love"

TV: Royal Pains

I used the words "cute" and "adorable" a lot of times in this description. Ah well. It was a cute episode! Read on . . .

Patients of the Week: The lotto winners from North Dakota were awfully cute, and I like the combination medicine/financial planning package. I'm very glad there was no flesh-eating bacteria. Eww. It was SO appropriate that the guy had gout.

Tally's illness was not necessarily all that interesting in and of itself, and probably just a way to get Divya and Adam together. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Adam is charming enough, I guess, and it makes sense for Divya to have some second thoughts about her arranged marriage, but . . . I don't know. I'm not feeling it.

Lawson family: Oh, the dad is back. Sigh. The surprise party for Evan was cute, though, and it was nice to see a bunch of the old patients back again. Does the dad have ulterior motives? Is he trying to forge Boris's signature? Sigh again.

Evan and Paige: They seem to be a real couple now, and they're completely adorable. And Evan's actually being responsible! And working! And Paige saves the day by tweeting about the party! Aww!

Boris: He's back! Yay! But poor Marissa was arrested, presumably for trying to defect.

Hank and Jill and Emily: The awkwardness with Jill was cute. Did we even see Emily in this episode? Ginnie setting up Hank and Jill was adorable.

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