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August 23, 2010

Royal Pains 2.8: "The Hankover"

TV: Royal Pains

It sounds like the season finale of Royal Pains is this Thursday, so I caught up over the weekend and will post about an episode a day this week, with the finale post going up on Friday. Continue after the jump . . .

Patient of the Week: Apparently Hank waited twenty years to fix the past with this bully from junior high, and Emily speaks for us all when she says "First of all, really?" Of course Karma the exotic dancer is the one to fulfill Hank's need for revenge by kicking the guy. The sword in the sinus was quite disturbing, really.

Jill and the clinic: Test case with the dislocated shoulder. The treatment seemed much more complicated than I remember it being when I dislocated my shoulder.

Divya's engagement: The bridal tea looked fun to me, personally, but I suppose I can see how Jill and Divya were bored. Their night on the town was fun, but of course the whole taxi/diabetes thing was a little far-fetched. What are the odds that they would happen upon Aristotle when he was one doughnut away from a coma? Hmph.

I loved how the perfect sister actually had this awful double life, but it turned out that Raj was basically perfect. Awww. Also, Evan being all concerned about Divya is so cute. I know I say this every week, but I love their friendship.

Hank and Emily: Gah. Emily is somewhat charming, but Hank should be with Jill. Obviously.

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