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August 18, 2010

Morning Coffee (8/18/10)

Morning Coffee

Hello, Wednesday. We're still on the mosque story? Really? I'm curious how many of the out-of-state people protesting actually know how separate something is that's a block or two away. And now even Paul Hodes is against it. Sigh. His statement made it sound like he thought it was literally right at the site. Gaaaah.

Check your eggs! There's a recall.

In better news, Dr. Laura is off the air! In order to, um, regain her first amendment rights. Okay then. And on GMA, GSteph is talking to Karl Rove, which always makes me giggle. Wait, we're STILL going on about Eat, Pray, Love? Jennifer Aniston will be live on GMA tomorrow, and perhaps that will be the end of it.

EW's Sexy Beast poll is down to the finals: Damon Salvatore vs. Edward Cullen. Any thinking person can see that Damon must win, as, for one thing, he is a vampire who does not sparkle and reads Anne Rice. Go vote for him!

And here's the cover art for the first of the Vampire Diaries prequel novels.

Five Fame-Extending Ideas for Levi Johnston

A defense of Ted Mosby

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