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August 16, 2010

My Boys 4.4: "Be a Man!"

TV: My Boys

(Sorry for the lack of a morning coffee post today, but I'm home sick, so I got up, e-mailed my boss, fed the cat, and went back to bed. But now I'm up again!)

This season is still not particularly grabbing me, but now that I think about it, I rather liked most of this episode. More after the jump . . .

I liked:
Brendan and the young hipster! Loved this storyline. She was PERFECT, with her flash mob pillow fights and Jonathan Safran Foer boxing David Eggers for charity. HA.
The various skill challenges. It's always fun watching people trying to figure out how to do things, and Kenny and Mike play off each other quite well.
Bobby and the plumbing. I'm continuing to love the way Bobby and PJ are working things out as a couple, and this had the added bonus of bringing in the psychological effects of the loss of all Bobby's money. I'm glad they didn't just forget about that storyline.

I did not like:
The whole "manliness" thing was . . . eh, you know. Insert feminist rant here. But really, my problem with it was that it seemed to be a lazy, cliched way of getting to some jokes. I would have rather had them use a list of skills that was from other source and didn't lend itself to that. Then the writers would have had to try harder.

My two favorite lines, both to Brendan:
"It's a thing." "Like a good thing?"
"You say a lot of words that make no sense together."

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