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July 14, 2010

Rookie Blue 1.1: "Fresh Paint"

TV: Rookie Blue

(N.B.: I'm going to up the daily post count for a bit in order to catch up on some TV reviews and book reviews and other posts I've had simmering for a while. Not sure how long this will be sustained, so don't get too attached to the new schedule. We'll see how it goes. Remember: A post with an episode name in the title may contain spoilers for anything up to and including that episode.)

I didn't expect much from Rookie Blue. In fact, what I expected was almost exactly what I got: a watered-down Grey's Anatomy, except set in Toronto (not that you'd really know that from the pilot), and about cops. It wasn't good, but it was . . . watchable. I think. I like my cop shows to focus on relationships, which this one does. For now. Missy Peregrym's Andy McNally was winsome, and who doesn't like a nice dose of Having to Prove Oneself with a side of Fraught Family History? She's no Meredith Grey, but she'll do. I saw the Traci-has-a-kid storyline coming from a mile away, but there's a chance they'll do something interesting with it, I suppose. The other three rookies haven't made much of an impression on me either way yet. Some of the reluctant mentoring relationships could be interesting, or just get boring. Detective Callaghan is pretty. Whatever. I'll give it a few more episodes.

Posted by Kat at July 14, 2010 09:00 AM
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