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July 01, 2010

Tater Tops: Couple Showdown


The next set of categories now open to voting are all about couples.

Best Couple: Huh. Booth and Brennan are not actually a couple, folks. But if they were, I'm pretty sure they'd be better than any other couple on this list. Therefore, I don't know whether to vote for them. I like Cristina and Owen on Grey's, but I'm not sure they particularly stand out as "best." On Glee, I want Emma and Will to be a good couple, but I'm not completely convinced they will be. Jury's still out. I do adore Finn and Rachel together, so they might actually get my vote.

Couples I would have put on the list: Angela and Hodgins (Bones). Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl). Elena and Stefan (The Vampire Diaries), even though I am on Team Damon. Maybe even Meredith and Derek from Grey's - I really like the way the show is letting them be in a more mature and settled place now.

Oddest Couple: I'm not sure I'm getting the point here. I mean, I assumed this meant "couple who seemed most unlikely but got paired together" or something, but - Vanessa and Dan? I mean, seriously, has there ever been a more obvious couple? They may be my least favorite couple, but they're not odd. Alex and Lexi make sense together, too. Robin and Don from HIMYM are a little odd, I guess, but I think that's more a function of poor writing than of the characters themselves - the show was always telling us how great they were together but never let us see it. Neither of the Glee couples on the list were really couples. I mean, Sue and Will? What? He asked her out and then stood her up. That does not a couple make. I guess Mercedes and Puck dated for most of an episode, which is like forever in high school, and they were . . . kind of odd, I guess. Sure.

Couples I would have put on this list: Um, Stephanie and what's-his-name from My Boys. Maybe Jenna and John from Vampire Diaries, but maybe not. Hrm. I just thought "Xander and Cordelia!" and then had to remind myself that just because I've been watching a show doesn't mean it's actually on now. Sadly. Um, Sheldon and Charlotte from Private Practice.

Love Triangle You're So Over: Stefan/Elena/Damon? Are you kidding me? That triangle's barely getting started, and for once, I actually really like both couples and am somewhat torn. I'll give them at least another five years to drag this out before they lose me. I didn't hate the Cristina/Owen/Teddy thing as much as most people seemed to, but I'm ready for everyone to move on and for Teddy to get her own plotlines that aren't all about Owen. I am pretty over both Glee triangles, but especially the Finn/Rachel/Jesse one, because I hated Jesse from day one.

Polygons I'd put on this list: How about the entire freaking ensemble of Private Practice? Seriously, that whole mess that starts with Addison now includes, on one side, Pete, and so Violet, so Sheldon, so Charlotte, so Cooper, and on the other side Sam, and so Naomi, so Gabriel and William. That's everyone. Dell (who had a thing for Naomi way back when, did he not?) is basically only left out of this list because he's dead. Lucky guy. Teen mom Maya has the most calm and stable relationship on this show.

I was going to put someone from Gossip Girl on the list, but I think what I'm actually over is Jenny Humphrey's entire existence, and not the Serena/Nate/Jenny or Blair/Chuck/Jenny triangles specifically. Because they're barely even triangles. They're just Jenny being evil and crazy. Ooh, but I am over the Rufus/Lily/Billy Baldwin nonsense.

I'm disappointed that there was no category for Least Favorite Couple - couples that made sense together, that weren't odd, but that viewers hated. Dan and Vanessa from Gossip Girl should clearly be at the top of that list. Beckett and Anders Demming from Castle. Rufus and Lily from Gossip Girl. And there are undoubtedly some couples I hate within that whole Private Practice mess.

Posted by Kat at July 1, 2010 01:00 PM
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