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July 03, 2010

Pretty Little Liars 1.2: "The Jenna Thing"

TV: Pretty Little Liars

See, catching up! I told you I would! Read on for my spoilerful thoughts on the second episode of Pretty Little Liars.

General comments:
It's nice that they're not dragging out the girls getting back in touch. The alternating stories work in the books, but would be tiresome on the show.
I need to be better sold on why Ali was so amazing and wonderful, since she seems pretty awful the way they talk about it.
Is Emily also reading To Kill a Mockingbird? I hope this is for school, because otherwise it's weird that everyone's reading it. Oh, good, they are doing it in school. And it's so very subtle!

YES, teacher, encourage the student you're sleeping with to transfer out of your class. Why does this seem to be such a hard decision for him? And why was her transfer declined?
The movie they see is It Happened One Night. Ha.
Late in the episode: The teacher pulls up in a car? In the rain? Hello, "Police" song!
This pairing: I realize it's awful and all, but I must admit I actually kind of like them together.

Her storyline would make a lot more sense if she actually looked any heavier in the flashbacks.
Sean being a preacher's son makes the abstinence storyline more obvious and less interesting. In the book, they emphasized that he was not religious, which made his behavior less explicable to both Hanna and the reader.

The stuff with her parents is fine, but SO UNSUBTLE. I'd like a little more complication or depth here.
Wren is really very charming, and the thing with the drink was pretty cute. Here's another case in which I actually like the girl with the guy she's not supposed to be with. Hmm.

She's still rather too good to be true at this point. "Winning's great, but if I've done my best, I usually feel good about the outcome." Really? Really? Gag.
Kendra the Slayer Emily Bennett Maya is very unsubtle (which seems to be my word of choice for this episode). "I kind of sleep in the middle." "I kind of sleep in the middle too." Yeah . . .

Spooky! I think we're supposed to think she's A, but I don't think she is.

This episode was . . . fine. I'll keep watching, but it hasn't quite hooked me yet. I have a feeling it will, though.

Posted by Kat at July 3, 2010 08:45 AM
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