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July 14, 2010

Persons Unknown 1.2: "The Edge"

TV: Persons Unknown

No one jumped up and down begging me to keep writing about Persons Unknown, but I'm not quite ready to give up on it, so I'm going to just write little reactions to each episode. After the jump!

The episode was . . . okay. I'm not really as into it as I wanted to be. (And - full disclosure - I'm now reading my notes weeks after the fact, and it's amazing how much I've just forgotten.) Some parts remain quite predictable - of course Tori's daddy is somewhat important. Of course Moira is a psych patient pretending to be a doctor. Of course the grandmother continues to be completely creepy. Also - I know I ask whether every new show set in a small town is filmed on the Stars Hollow set, but seriously, is this one? It really looks like it.

I really wanted the implants not to be the cause of the collapse, but it looks like they're no longer collapsing in the same place, so maybe it was the implants after all. That's kind of disappointing. Oh, but later it is shown to be some kind of force field. So I was right. Yay! The night manager can run through it, it seems. I find him so annoying that I'm getting annoyed just writing the words "night manager."

In the first episode, as far as I can remember, nothing happened that incontrovertibly proved that something supernatural or science fictiony was going on, but there were a few things in this episode that tipped the balance there. Driving straight should not get you back to the same town. And things should not magically fix themselves.

I think the question of whether Janet would shoot Joe was supposed to be suspenseful, but I never really thought she would, and only partially because Joe is the lead and they're not going to kill him off. (She could have tried to shoot him and failed, but I didn't think she'd even do that.) I hope at least a few of the people can start trusting each other, because while it's natural that they wouldn't do so immediately, all the "Can I trust you?" back and forth gets old. I'm not feeling very attached to any of the characters yet, and that needs to change if I'm supposed to care what happens to them.

"Torture wouldn't have worked. Never does." Nice.
I kind of like Renbe the newspaper man. Who mugs him? Hm.
My notes say "Explosing - just lightning?" I don't really remember this, but I'm sure it would be an interesting question if I did.

Posted by Kat at July 14, 2010 12:00 PM
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