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June 14, 2010

Random Tony Awards Thoughts


I've been going to bed early recently, so the fact that I stayed up to watch the Tony Awards last night means that I am SO TIRED this morning and cannot possibly write up my notes on Royal Pains as I'd intended. So here are some random thoughts about the Tony Awards instead.

1. I'm not particularly a Sean Hayes fan, by which I mean that I wasn't wild about his character in Will and Grace and haven't really seen him in anything else. But I thought he was a perfectly competent host. I mean, fine, if we can't have Neil Patrick Harris host everything (why not?) - it coud have been a lot worse.

2. His make-out session with Kristin Chenoweth was a nice jab at the Newsweek thing, without belaboring the point. I know people tend to be love/hate with Chenoweth, but I love her and I thought all her bits in the show were perfectly charming.

3. I honestly had no idea that Daniel Radcliffe was so short. Or Katie Holmes was so tall. Or something. (According to IMDb, he's 5'8" and she's 5'9", but if that's true, then she was wearing 9-inch heels or something.)

4. I'd never even heard of Million Dollar Quartet, but it looked pretty interesting.

5. Angela Lansbury! She was wonderful. Of course.

6. American Idiot looked way better than I'd expected, and reminded me that I still haven't figured out what about 40% of the lyrics to "Holiday" are.

7. Why can they never mic people properly at the Tonys? I remember they had this issue last year, too. I mean, of any award show, this one should understand the whole live/on-stage concept!

8. Related: I'm not going to give Lea Michele all the blame for all the popping with her microphone. But she did seem to be trying a bit too hard. Can we just go ahead and cast her in the revival of Funny Girl already and get it over with?

9. Matthew Morrison, on the other hand, was perfection, as usual, as far as I'm concerned. I would happily watch an entire show of him singing and dancing, and now I'm quite looking forward to his album.

10. They ended on time! Good job, show!

Posted by Kat at June 14, 2010 11:00 AM
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