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June 11, 2010

Endnotes (6/11/10)


All you need to know about this story is "Rogue knitters encamped along the Berkeley-Oakland border" . . .

Zachary Quinto in Angels in America? Sounds good.

Glee and copyright

Because it's a Joss Whedon movie, there have actually been headlines about the fact that the IMDb cast list for Cabin in the Woods now has more information on it.

So here's this Robert Pattinson cross stitch pattern. On the one hand, I want to mock it. But on the other hand, I once totally bought a cross stitch magazine because it had a Mr. Darcy pattern. And if it were a different vampire actor - Ian Somerhalder instead of Pattinson, say - I would seriously consider buying it, so I feel like a hypocrite for mocking. On the OTHER other hand, I would happily make the case for The Vampire Diaries being in all ways superior to Twilight, so I feel justified. So! There are my ridiculously ambivalent thoughts on that.

Lea Michele as Dorothy: Best voice casting ever? YES.

These bedrooms of Twilight fans are a bit terrifying.

I agree with most of this review of Pretty Little Liars, especially this:

But they're bad girls in an ABC Family way that seems quaint and almost cutely naive compared to that the snobby socialites of "Gossip Girl," also an Alloy literary property, get into.
and this
Lowe, Combs and Leighton are such pros that you immediately start caring more about the parents and their secrets than the mismatched teens.

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