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June 01, 2010

New Summer & Fall 2010 Shows: NBC


The Event, Fall, Mondays at 9

What It Is: Assassination plots! Disappearances! CIA cover-ups! And yet none of these are "The Event"!
Snap Judgment: I want this to be good, because I like mysteries. And yet I am deeply skeptical of open-ended mystery shows, because the plot often suffers when things have to be kept going indefinitely. So I'd be more positive about this if it were a movie or miniseries. But the promo was intriguing. And, hey, Scott Patterson (Luke from Gilmore Girls)!
Verdict: I'll try it and end up simultaneously addicted and annoyed. (See also: Battlestar Galactica.)

Chase, Fall, Mondays at 10

What It Is: U.S. Marshals in Texas hunt fugitives.
Snap Judgment: U.S. Marshals certainly seem to be having a moment (In Plain Sight, Justified), and is it me or is every other new show set in Texas this year? Good job with those tax breaks, Texas! This looks . . . I don't know, it looks fine. But it didn't particularly grab me, and it doesn't have any actors I feel strongly about.
Verdict: Might try an episode if I even remember it exists by the time it starts.

Undercovers, Fall, Wednesdays at 8

What It Is: Married, retired spies are reactivated by the CIA.
Snap Judgment: This looks like loads of fun. Action, romance, humor, likeable leads. (Hey, it's Martha's sister from Doctor Who!) The only thing I didn't like about the promo was the repeated use of the nonword "sexpionage."
Verdict: I'm in.

Law & Order: Los Angeles, Fall, Wednesdays at 10
What It Is: I think the title is pretty self-explanatory.
Snap Judgment: There's no promo OR cast yet, so . . . I don't know. I love procedurals, but I've only ever seen two episodes of any of the Law & Orders, mostly because I refuse to start watching shows in the middle. Should I take this chance to get in at the beginning? I don't know. Probably depends on who's in it.
Verdict: Reserving judgment until there's a cast, at least.

Outsourced, Fall, Thursdays at 9:30

What It Is: After the novelty product catalog call center he runs is outsourced to India, an American guy moves there to run it. Hilarity ensues, theoretically. (It seems to be based on this movie.)
Snap Judgment: I . . . I . . . I don't know! I usually hate uncomfortable humor and especially that based on cultural differences, but there was something about the promo that I found oddly appealing. And I already want to know what happens with the shy girl. And it's in India! Just watching the promo made me want Indian food.
Verdict: I guess I'll try it. Maybe.

Love Bites, Fall, Thursdays at 10

What It Is: An anthology show about "modern romance."
Snap Judgment: First, I feel fairly strongly that a show called Love Bites should involve vampires, and this does not. Second, I don't really understand the concept - "anthology show"? What? Third, the promo didn't do much for me. But fourth, I love Greg Grunberg, Jordana Spiro, and Kyle Howard, although the presence of the latter two makes me worry for the future of My Boys. So this might be one I end up trying for the cast rather than the concept.
Verdict: I'll try an episode or two.

School Pride, Fall, Fridays at 8

What It Is: Like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition but for schools.
Snap Judgment: I think getting volunteers to remodel schools is an admirable idea, but I don't really have any interest in watching them do so.
Verdict: Pass

Outlaw, Fall, Fridays at 10

What It Is: A playboy Supreme Court justice resigns to go back to practicing law, trying to be there for "the little guy."
Snap Judgment: Jimmy Smits!!!! I'd actually rather watch a drama about him on the Supreme Court than off it, but I won't be picky. (Two of the other regulars also appeared on The West Wing. One worked for Smits' character there too. Heee.)
Verdict: They had me at Jimmy Smits.

Losing It with Jillian, Summer, Tuesdays at 10

What It Is: Some sort of family weight loss show, with, I think, the woman from The Biggest Loser.
Snap Judgment: This didn't sound interesting enough for me to break my "no reality shows" rule, so honestly, I didn't even watch the preview I embedded above.
Verdict: Pass

Persons Unknown, Summer, Mondays at 10

What It Is: A bunch of people are kidnapped and put in a house together and . . . mysteries! It's unclear.
Snap Judgment: Another mystery show, but this one is a miniseries, and the promo actually says "By the end of summer, answers will be known." I will reward them for this revolutionary promise by watching their show. They'd better not let me down.
Verdict: I'll watch.

America's Next Great Restaurant, Midseason?
What It Is: Like Top Chef but the contestants want to start restaurant chains.
Snap Judgment: Hmm. This actually sounds vaguely interesting.
Verdict: I'll probably stick with my no-reality policy, but I might consider it.

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, Midseason?
What It Is: Tony Robbins. On TV.
Snap Judgment: I am not exactly a fan of NLP, or most self-help authors in general.
Verdict: Run, far away.

The Cape, Midseason?

What It Is: A good cop in a corrupt city becomes a superhero to fight back.
Snap Judgment: I was momentarily disappointed that this wasn't about Cape Cod, but - Summer Glau! Superheroes! And the promo was completely charming.
Verdict: I'm in.

Friends with Benefits, Midseason?

What It Is: A sitcom about a group of friends looking for love. How original!
Snap Judgment: OMG! It's Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas from Veronica Mars), all grown up! I didn't really want to like this promo - I mean, cue obnoxious "hook-up culture" trend pieces, for one thing - but I kind of did.
Verdict: I might give it a try.

Harry's Law, Midseason?

What It Is: Kathy Bates quits her big corporate job and starts a law firm in an abandoned shoe store with a bunch of misfits. No, really.
Snap Judgment: I was deeply skeptical, but the promo did a lot to win me over, including giving a fair amount of screen time to a hot British guy. And Kathy Bates is always wonderful. So . . . maybe?
Verdict: We'll see.

The Paul Reiser Show, Midseason?

What It Is: "A comedy based on Paul Reiser's real-life experiences."
Snap Judgment: I've watched just enough Mad About You to have vaguely warm and fuzzy feelings toward Reiser, and a show about the daily life of a famous actor could be really interesting. But I'm not sure that's what this is. But it might be. Hm.
Verdict: Might try an episode or two, if I have time.

Perfect Couples, Midseason?

What It Is: A sitcom about three couples who are overinvolved in each others' lives.
Snap Judgment: Wait, Kyle Howard's in this one too? Is this some plot by NBC to make me watch all their shows because I find him endlessly charming? The promo itself was . . . fine.
Verdict: Fine. FINE. I cannot resist Kyle Howard.

Posted by Kat at June 1, 2010 01:00 PM
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