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May 27, 2010

New Summer & Fall 2010 Shows: ABC


Better Together, Fall, Wednesdays at 8:30

What It Is: One sister has been with her boyfriend for nine years. The other gets engaged after seven weeks. Family is thrown into an uproar. Etc.
Snap Judgment: I . . . can't decide. Parts of the promo were cringe-inducing, and parts were actually intriguing. I love Joanna Garcia and Debra Jo Rupp. I don't tend to like sitcoms. There were grammar jokes. I DON'T KNOW.
Verdict: I guess I'll try it. Maybe.

Body of Proof, Fall, Fridays at 9

What It Is: After an accident, a neurosurgeon can no longer operate and becomes a medical examiner.
Snap Judgment: I like Dana Delaney. I like Nicholas Bishop. I like procedurals. I like characters with tortured pasts. I don't feel particularly strongly about this show, but it seems like something I will like.
Verdict: Sure!

Detroit 1-8-7, Fall, Tuesdays at 10

What It Is: Faux-documentary drama about homicide detectives in Detroit.
Snap Judgment: It looks good, but I'm not big on cop shows or the faux-documentary style. I don't know.
Verdict: Will probably pass.

The Gates, Summer, Sundays at 10

What It Is: A gated community full of secrets - but in addition to the usual sex and lies stuff, there are vampires and . . . other things. (Werewolves? Not sure.)
Snap Judgment: Looks like supernatural soapy fun, and Robert H. Wolfe (DS9, Dresden Files) is a producer, so that's a point in its favor.
Verdict: I'll give anything with vampires a try.

Happy Endings, Midseason

What It Is: A couple breaks up and tries to stay friends with their group of friends.
Snap Judgment: I was skeptical, and I usually don't like sitcoms, but the promo was rather charming. Bonus points for using some good music, too.
Verdict: I'll try an episode or two.

Mr. Sunshine, Midseason

What It Is: Ben owns a sports arena and is turning 40 and reevaluating his life.
Snap Judgment: Are you kidding? Matt Perry! Allison Janney! Nate Torrence! Tommy Schlamme! The girl from Joey! SIGN. ME. UP.
Verdict: I can't wait.

My Generation, Fall, Thursdays at 8

What It Is: Another faux-documentary, this one about students in the high school class of 2000 and their lives ten years later.
Snap Judgment: I feel like I should watch this, since it's about people exactly my age. But the promo just didn't grab me.
Verdict: Pass.

No Ordinary Family, Fall, Tuesdays at 8

What It Is: After a mysterious plane crash, a family gets superpowers.
Snap Judgment: Intriguing. I'm in favor of more superheroes on TV, and I like the blend of regular problems with the superhero stuff. And it looks pretty self-aware and funny.
Verdict: Worth a try.

Off the Map, Midseason

What It Is: Grey's Anatomy in the jungle.
Snap Judgment: I pretend like there's a chance I won't watch any show Shonda Rhimes puts out, but it's all an act. As much as Grey's and Private Practice might drive me crazy at times, she's pretty thoroughly got me.
Verdict: Fine! I'll watch.

Rookie Blue, Summer, Thursdays at 9

What It Is: Grey's Anatomy but cops. (Copper, as seen in the promo above, seems to be the Canadian name.)
Snap Judgment: It looks . . . fine. If it were a fall show, I probably wouldn't bother, but since it's summer, I'll check it out.
Verdict: I'll try an episode or two.

Scoundrels, Summer, Sundays at 9

What It Is: A family of criminals tries to go straight after the father goes to prison.
Snap Judgment: Again, probably wouldn't bother in the fall, but it looks like a fun summer diversion. Plus I love Vanessa Marano, Leven Rambin was good on her Grey's stint, and it should be interesting watching Patrick Flueger play twins.
Verdict: I'll try it.

Secret Millionaire, Fall, Fridays at 8

What It Is: Millionaires go "undercover" to live in poor neighborhoods, give some money away, and feel good about themselves.
Snap Judgment: Blech.
Verdict: No thanks.

The Whole Truth, Fall, Wednesdays at 10

What It Is: A legal drama that splits its focus between the defense and the prosecution.
Snap Judgment: I don't know. It doesn't sound as fresh and new as it seems to think it is - Raising the Bar, for one, did the same thing. And the female lead just left the show, so my opinion may change based on how they recast the role. I do like Rob Morrow.
Verdict: Meh.

Posted by Kat at May 27, 2010 01:00 PM
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