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May 26, 2010

New Summer & Fall 2010 Shows: CBS


Blue Bloods, Fall, Fridays at 10

What It Is: Tom Selleck (completing our Friday Night Cop Mustache Block) is at the head of a family of New York cops.
Snap Judgment: I wasn't at all interested in this until I watched the promo, but now I'm intrigued. I'm not a particular fan of cop shows, but I love family dramas, so I'll probably watch a few episodes to find out whether this focuses more on the cop stuff or the family stuff.
Verdict: I'll try a few episodes.

The Defenders, Fall, Wednesdays at 10

What It Is: Jerry O'Connell and Jim Belushi are crazy criminal defense attorneys in Las Vegas.
Snap Judgment: I enjoyed the promo in spite of myself, so I'll probably start watching in spite of myself. We'll see if I actually like it. Bonus: Teddy Sears is in it, and I love him.
Verdict: I'll try one episode, and then decide.

Hawaii Five-O, Fall, Mondays at 10
What It Is: I'm assuming I'm the only one in the universe who has no idea what the original was about. This is a remake. Cops in Hawaii, it seems.
Snap Judgment: So, who takes the writers of Star Trek and stars from Moonlight, Lost, and Battlestar Galactica and thinks "Hey! I know! Let's make a cop show!" I mean, really? That said - well, those exact reasons are the reasons why I'll watch it. Plus, Hawaii looks pretty, and I'm all for shows set in unusual locations.
Verdict: FINE, I'll admit it: They had me at "Alex O'Loughlin."

Mike and Molly, Fall, Mondays at 9:30

What It Is: Mike and Molly meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting and fall in love.
Snap Judgment: I like Melissa McCarthy, but I didn't smile once during the promo, and I have absolutely no interest in an entire show centered around joking about people's weight.
Verdict: Skip.

$#*! My Dad Says, Fall, Thursdays at 9:30

What It Is: This, as a sitcom, starring William Shatner.
Snap Judgment: I suppose I should be impressed that they managed to make Shatner so thoroughly unfunny. I mean, that takes skills. But mostly I'm worried about what this awful show will make people think about Twitter.
Verdict: No way.

Posted by Kat at May 26, 2010 11:00 AM

I am so happy about Hawaii 5-0. Just wait till you see Alex O'Loughlin in action - you're going to love it!

Posted by: MichaelC2B at May 27, 2010 01:58 AM
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