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April 15, 2010

Pizza! In! New Hampshire!

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I've been living in New Hampshire for almost eight years now, and since I got here, I've been searching for "real" pizza. Now, I'm spoiled. I'm from Connecticut. Connecticut has good pizza. There's New Haven pizza, for one thing, which is basically the most delicious thing in the universe. But even "regular" New York-style pizza from practically anywhere in Connecticut is better than any pizza in New Hampshire. Part of the reason is that an awful lot of pizza here is Greek. And most of the rest is just bad. (Why? Why? Why is this hard? I don't understand.)

So! Last weekend, I finally found good pizza. It's not great, but it's acceptable. Unlike all other pizza I've found in this godforsaken state, it at least tastes like real pizza. The winner? Sal's. It's a chain, even! (I've only tried the Merrimack location so far.) But it's good! The cheese was high-quality. The sauce was neither too sweet nor undercooked, as so many sauces are. The crust was thin but not cracker-like. ALSO, they sell it by the "slice," but a "slice" in fact seems to be two rather large slices, which meant I got two meals out of it for about $3.50. And it's only a few miles from my house. This is potentially a dangerous discovery.

Posted by Kat at April 15, 2010 08:27 AM

I had to laugh at your first paragraph, because I live in Connecticut, I'm not fond of New Haven-style pizza (at least, not the ones I've had), and in my area most of the pizza joints are Greek. Which I like. ;-)

Posted by: Sarah at April 17, 2010 01:10 PM
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