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April 14, 2010

Endnotes (4/13/10)


I started this Monday, forgot to post, added to it Tuesday, and forgot to post again last night. So I'm just putting it out there now so I can start a new Wednesday post.

Apparently Bones and a bunch of other FOX shows I don't care about are doing musical episodes. This confuses me because I thought Hart Hanson had said he'd never do a musical episode, but maybe I'm confusing him with a different showrunner. Hmm.

12 Best Adult TV Characters Seen as Kids The best, of course, inexcusably left out of this gallery (because she's British?) is Julia Joyce, who played young versions of Billie Piper characters at least three times (Doctor Who, Mansfield Park, The Ruby in the Smoke).

This TWoP piece on Gossip Girl plotlines to be revived or killed off is spot on.

Aaron Sorkin's Moneyball might finally be getting underway. And yes, this: "Michael Lewis’ fantastic book is full of tense, high-stakes scenes where characters spew jargon, and backstories and personal beefs often affect outcomes; if that’s not Sorkin’s wheelhouse, I don’t know what is."

Posted by Kat at April 14, 2010 06:16 AM
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