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March 07, 2010

Oscar Red Carpet Liveblog


6:00 Here we go! It's Ryan!
6:03 Sam Worthington. I feel like he's going to be in something I was excited about, but now I don't remember what. A vampire thing, maybe? Dracula? NO, Ryan, you were not literally living in the movie.
6:04 Zac Efron's hair is unfortunately, but he's kind of cute being all fanboy with Worthington.
6:06 Blah, blah, Zac Efron is still talking, so I am eat. My dinner is delicious, by the way, and blogging while eating with chopsticks is not as difficult as I had feared.
6:07 WHAT IS WRONG WITH WHAT'S-HIS-NAME'S SUIT? Why can't I remember his name? Giuliana looks nice, but she seems so shocked by Ryan saying so. Oh, Jay Manuel. That's his name.
6:08 Apparently tonight is the Super Bowl of red carpet fashion. I'm not as thrilled with Olivia Wilde as they are, I have to say. Not revealing too much? It's down to her belly button! Lea Michele, however, can basically do no wrong. Oh! Lady Gaga! Is she going to be here?
6:10 Here's the Fug Girls' liveblog. Anna Kendrick looks lovely. I kind of adore here. Mariska Hargitay is... I'm unsure. It looks like one of those very constructed busts that doesn't actually fit her.
6:11 Not at all a competition? Really, Mo'Nique?
6:12 SOMEONE is coming in with dozens of purple tribbles attached to her dress. Who is that? Ooh, it's raining again? Can we hope for more red carpet umbrella hijinks?
6:17 I think I would love Mariah Carey's dress if it didn't have quite such a dramatic slit.
6:20 This fake background stuff with Giuliana and Ryan is boring. Show us more dresses! The crawl is saying something about the nattering nabobs of negativity, but I missed what it was, exactly.
6:25 Villaraigosa AND Zoe Saldana! She's the one in the alarming purple tribble dress. Or maybe it's more like muppets. And the top is very sparkly. This is confusing me. She is very coherently explaining the technology behind Avatar to Ryan, though.
6:28 Joel Madden and Nicole Richie? DJing or something? I don't care. I also don't care about their wedding, but apparently Ryan really REALLY does.
6:28 Vera Farmiga has one of those very alarming architectural type dresses. Apparently the stage is dangerous, and her dress looks equally dangerous. Hmmm.
6:34 Ryan Reynolds looks dapper but unexciting.
6:36 Jason Reitman. His companion looks lovely.
6:37 I need to see more of Maggie Gyllenhaal's dress. Is it... tie-dyed?
6:38 James Cameron and his wife, who is not Katherine Bigelow. I don't like her dress. It's weirdly assymetrical or something. It makes her look deformed or something. James Cameron keeps talking about money. Sigh. Apparently he doesn't know why people are seeing the movie three times, but obviously it's because they're seeing it in 2-D, 3-D, and 3-D Imax.
6:40 Aha! Maggie Gyllenhaal. I think I do like her dress. I always forget that she's married to Peter Sarsgaard. He was amazing in An Education, I thought. And Ryan didn't even MENTION that movie, even though it's up for several awards.
6:42 Elizabeth Banks. I had to look up who she was and I'm still kind of hazy on why he's here. She looks nice, though.
6:43 Tom Ford! I still really want to see that movie. He looks amazing.
6:48 Sigourney Weaver also looks amazing. As always. Also vaguely Roman.
6:49 Lenny Kravitz. Apparently he's in Precious? I did not know. I think that's his daughter Zoe with him.
6:50 Tina Fey! Her dress is . . . nice? I think? I am unsure. Her hair is a little alarming.
6:56 As my friend just said, Amanda Seyfried is doing The Tudors Go DISCO! Carey Mulligan looks cute. Sandra Bullock has too much going on in that dress, and it's not a great color for her. They are wondering if it is a tribute to the Olympics, for some reason. HEE.
6:58 Diane Kruger . . . why? WHY?
6:59 Bullock's hair looks lovely, but the more I see that dress the less I like it.
7:01 Tyler Perry looks . . . nice. Ooh, Faith Hill has some interesting stuff going on there. Hmmm. I cannot decide.
7:03 Amanda Seyfried. I think I actually love this. Apparently she's doing some sort of Red Riding Hood? Interesting.
7:05 Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and the kid from The Blind Side. They were pretty cute. Ugh, Miley Cyrus looks ridiculously awkward.
7:06 Jake Gyllenhaal looks fine. Nondescript. Aww, he's sending Maggie a message to the future, or something. Wait, why are we talking about sandals?
7:11 I am still excited about Clash of the Titans. In case you were wondering. (They're showing a trailer now.) You know, I think I'm going to liveblog through the red carpet part, but head over to some other liveblogs at eight. I'll write some sort of wrap-up post tomorrow.
7:13 Miley Cyrus's dress does not fit, and I have no interest in anything she's saying. Or her mom's tattoos. Ryan seems very convinced that the white floor is going to mess people up.
7:14 Sarah Jessica Parker's dress is AWFUL. I adore Matthew Broderick, though. Now I want to watch The Music Man.
7:17 Kathryn Bigelow! I really hope she wins. She looks lovely.
7:18 Stanley Tucci looks dapper. I didn't see The Lovely Bones but he was great in Julie and Julia.
7:18 Charlize Theron's dress has odd fake fabric breasts on it. Or something.
7:23 This should be hyperbole, but it seems that "Telephone" actually IS the epic video that everyone's waiting for.
7:25 Matt Damon is adorable as always. I will confess that I have loved him since Good Will Hunting.
7:27 Colin Firth! Do I even need to say that he's gorgeous? His wife's dress is nice as well. He also just said "hobgoblin."
7:28 Clooney really does need a haircut.
7:30 Meryl Streep looks lovely, of course. White is daring but I think she makes it work.
7:33 I love Rachel McAdams's multicolor dress. Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand . . .
7:37 Stella Artois commercial. I had one for the first time recently and wasn't really a fan.
7:38 What's with Keanu's facial hair? KStew and Miley are having a slouch-off contest, it seems.
7:39 Gabby's dress is great and she's just so excited and cute!
7:43 Robert Downey, Jr. Not really feeling the sunglasses. His wife is rather adorable, though.
7:50 Jason Bateman looks nice. Apparently I have run out of things to say about guys in tuxes. Well, I could say things about CERTAIN guys, but...
7:52 Jeff Bridges. His movie was good, but I'd rather have Jeremy Renner win.
7:58 Cameron Diaz looks nice, but I'm bored of these weird metallic non-colors.
7:59 Chris Pine! Adorable. He's with his mother. Aww.

And with that, we're out. Head over to the great liveblogs at Slate and EW.

Posted by Kat at March 7, 2010 06:00 PM
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