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February 18, 2010

Endnotes (2/18/10)


Black Man Puts His Feet On Desk, Wingnuts Furious

Two pieces everyone was talking about yesterday but I forgot to include: The stimulus worked. And Andrew Sullivan on Catholicism and torture.

Katie Stevens, the girl from my hometown, has made it to the next round on American Idol. Round? Level? Whatever.

Read Alyssa's essay on how she learned to drink.

A South Carolina state rep is trying to ban U.S. currency in the state. BRILLIANT.

Game Change: full of astounding sentences. Kind of like Barbara Delinsky!

Vague but promising Bones spoilers.

Tired of getting your vampires confused? Via Alyssa, the best chart ever.

Um, the Walk 'n' Talk Network? Sign me up. (Wait, I have it all on DVD. Still.) I would also like the Geek Victims of Fox network and the NYC Yuppie network.

As always: read Gail Collins.

We all know that Americans would hate to spend the next 90 years enveloped in serious wine and universal health care. But think about how much more threatening Romney's warning must be for the French. Where are they supposed to go in this new world order? Do you think France would rather be the Latvia of the 21st century or the Finland?
Ginny Weasley and Caius? Huh.

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