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February 08, 2010

Reasons to Go to the Movies Alone


I have decided to make 2010 the year of going to the movies as often as there are things I want to see. More often than not, this means going alone. And I've decided - contrary to popular opinion, I love this. Here's why:

See what you want, when you want. This is obvious, I guess, but it really can't be overstated. I can't tell you how many movies I missed in the theater during the past year because some friend or other said they wanted to see it with me, and then either our schedules didn't mesh or we just never got it together to make a plan. No more of that.

Get there when you want. I like to get to the movies early. (It's my father's fault.) I understand that some people do not. But it drives me crazy when my movie companions laugh at my suggested arrival time, and then when we actually do get there, the show is sold out or we have to sit in the front row or whatever. If you just got there early, this wouldn't happen. Gah.

No one thinks it's weird if you knit during the movie. Well, okay. People probably do think it's weird. But they're strangers.

Get popcorn, if you want. I usually don't, actually, but once in a while I'm in the mood. But it's always weird to be the one person in the group who wants popcorn. And don't even get me started on sharing popcorn. I can't stand it, for reasons I can't quite figure out.

Stay until the end of the credits. I almost always do. (I think this is my dad's fault, too.) Many people get up as soon as the credits roll, though, and I don't like making them stay if they don't want to.

Fewer distractions. I find it much easier to immerse myself in the world of the movie if I'm surrounded by strangers.

There is one benefit to going to the movies with others: my father is much, much better at shushing loud neighbors than I am.

Posted by Kat at February 8, 2010 03:00 PM

I am going to the movies by myself tomorrow evening and it's CRAZY how much I'm looking forward to it. One small problem, though: there'll be nobody to catch me up on what I missed if I have to take a restroom break, so I can't take a restaurant break, so I can't get a giant soda. Small price to pay for all the benefits, though. :)

Posted by: Rachel at February 8, 2010 03:49 PM

I occasionally go to the cinema on my own too. Normally because I want to see something which no one else wants to see, or because they're not free (I work strange hours!). I like all your reasons too though.

I also find going alone sort of strangely liberating.

Posted by: Emily at February 9, 2010 04:54 AM
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