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January 26, 2010

And then there's The White Album.


The other day, I was trying to find the song "Never Say Never" on my iPod, but I couldn't remember what the album was called. I finally realized it was The Fray. I was confused because I knew "Never Say Never" was a newer song, but I'd assumed The Fray was their first album. Nope. How to Save a Life was first, and the self-titled one was second. What's with that? I don't like eponymous albums in the first place: they're confusing. And seriously, if you have enough creativity to make a whole album, why can't you be bothered to come up with a title? But if you insist on having a self-titled album, then for goodness' sake, at least make it your first. I'm not wild about albums that share titles with songs, either, because, again, confusing. I do like album titles that are made up of a quote from a song on the album that somehow symbolizes the whole thing, like, oh, Jagged Little Pill or A Few Small Repairs or Films About Ghosts. But I'm not picky. Just come up with an album title that is distinct from both the artist name and the song titles.

My best friend got an early version of this rant, and he pointed out that R.E.M. has an album actually called Eponymous. Stop the madness! (Well, okay, Eponymous as a title is actually kind of funny.)

Posted by Kat at January 26, 2010 03:00 PM
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