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January 21, 2010

Endnotes (1/21/10)


(Is there someone else who calls an evening link roundup "Endnotes"? I have a nagging feeling that there is, but I can't come up with who. Whoever you are - sorry! I'll come up with a new name if you want!)

Stupid criminal of the day: This guy paid a prostitute, who then refused to sleep with him. So he CALLED THE POLICE.

Wait, REALLY? When I first saw something about the new all-white professional basketball league, I assumed it was a joke. Alas, it is not. Update: Just saw that Ta-Nehisi Coates thinks it's a hoax. God, I hope so.

Tim Matheson tweeted this morning that the Code 58 cast - Bradley Whitford, Colin Hanks, Diana-Maria Riva, and Jenny Wade - have arrived, uh, somewhere. Wherever he is. Dallas, I assume? That's where they're filming. But anyway, this news fills me with glee.

When did Fox become the network that keeps coming out with new shows I like? Something to ponder.

The new Clash of the Titans might be 3D. I am undecided about this, and 3D movies in general - they can be nifty but I don't really enjoy the headaches I get from watching them.

Jessica Grose thinks the news Jersey Shore style show should be Massholes. Awesome. That one I might actually watch.

I haven't actually watched any of this season of Brothers and Sisters yet (it's on the TiVo!) but I am unhappy with this development (spoiler!). The bit in the fourth graf makes it a little less sad, I suppose. More on my feelings on this when it's no longer a spoiler.

Posted by Kat at January 21, 2010 10:00 PM

That prostitution case reminds me of one that happened down here - a blind guy sued a prostitute (oh, excuse me, "Pilates instructor") who overcharged his credit card, for discrimination:

And yeah - my lovely gentleman friend (who [a] had only lived on the West Coast prior to August, and [b] has never been to Massachusetts) suggested a Masshole-based Jersey Shore spinoff a few days ago, and wasted no time in sending me that Slate article.

Posted by: your cousin Liz at January 22, 2010 10:55 AM
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