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January 20, 2010

A bunch of unrelated pop culture stuff


I keep having little bits of things I want to say, mostly about books or pop culture stuff, so let's try a post of a bunch of those mashed together and see how it goes. If I make this a recurring feature, any ideas on a name?

They're making Twilight graphic novels, which, now that I think about it, I'm really surprised they hadn't done already.

Is anyone watching any of the new shows that have started over the past few weeks? I'm trying Human Target and Life Unexpected. The former is just fun, and the latter - well, I'm skeptical of anything that's called "the new Gilmore Girls," but the pilot totally pulled me in. Oh, and I will also be trying The Deep End and Caprica, starting later this week.

When I heard that writer Robert B. Parker died, I was immediately sad and then realized that I don't think I've actually read any of his books. This column from Emily Bazelon makes me really want to read the whole series.

Hey, Joss Whedon fans: You'll want to check out this interview with Amy Acker. It's supposedly about her new show, Happy Town (which looks interesting!), but there's a bunch about Dollhouse and a little Cabin in the Woods too. (So Bradley Whitford fans will also want to check it out. And I have to say I rather fear that between the Whedon fans and the Whitford fans, this movie is going to cause some sort of fandom implosion from so much awesome in one place.)

In more potential-implosion-from-awesomeness news, Neil Patrick Harris is going to be in a Whedon-directed episode of Glee, and it is, as Alyssa Rosenberg says, pretty much the Best. News. Ever.

Wait, and more! Grey's Anatomy has cast Sarah Paulson (of Studio 60) and J. August Richards (of Angel and Raising the Bar) as young Richard and Ellis. I know a lot of people didn't like Paulson in Studio 60, but I completely adored her, so I'm really excited to see her back on my TV, if only for an episode.

If you want a really huge Gossip Girl spoiler click here.

My best friend and I have been watching Battlestar Galactica for what feels like years. We have three episodes left. I kind of hate it at this point. Just in case you were wondering.

Posted by Kat at January 20, 2010 08:37 PM
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