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January 13, 2010

(Not) on Bradley Whitford's mustache

The Best TV Show Ever , Warning: Liberal

The TCA press tour has been going on this week, and I have been endlessly amused that one of the big stories coming out of it was that Bradley Whitford (aka the most attractive man on the planet) has - gasp - grown a mustache for his new show, Code 58. Really, it's a much bigger story than I thought it would be. The Washington Post wrote about it. And NPR. And the Hartford Courant. Etc. I mean - real news sources, not just fangirls on LiveJournal.

But speaking of the fangirls - a lot of Whitford's fans are extremely upset by the mustache. And I just don't quite get it. I mean, sure, I probably wouldn't CHOOSE for him to have it if it were up to me. But I certainly don't think it makes him unattractive. (I saw some video of him speaking somewhere with the mustache AND glasses, and I have to say that that look was kind of hot.) I did, though, have a moment of contemplation about whether I would be able to call him the hottest man on TV when the new show starts in May, given the mustache and the rather large number of other hot men on TV right now: Nathan Fillion. David Boreanaz. Ed Westwick. Matthew Morrison. Simon Baker.

So I thought about it for a minute, and then I realized - wait, YES. Because, sure, there's the mustache, and he's a fair amount older than most of those other guys. But is that what really matters? No. So. A short list of reasons why Bradley Whitford will still be the hottest man on TV:

1. He wrote this, and this, and this.
2. He cofounded Clothes Off Our Back and is on the board of the Alliance for Justice, and is involved with Heifer International and Hopenhagen.
3. He campaigned for President Obama, and Rahm Emanuel, and John Kerry, among others.
4. He has kept the details of his divorce private and his children out of the spotlight.
5. On CNN, when asked whether he thought some recent controversial TV moment had been "obscene," he said "I'm sorry, but why is our definition of 'obscene' sexuality, as opposed to, I don't know, unnecessary violence, uninsured children, 18,000 people who die every year because they don't have health care?"
6. Because he is who he is, someone at TCA asked him about the health care reform bill out of the blue, and he thinks it should pass.

So - really, what was I thinking? OF COURSE he's the hottest man on TV, regardless of facial hair.

Edited to add: No offense intended to fangirls on LiveJournal. I am one myself. I just meant that I thought it would be more of a niche story.

Posted by Kat at January 13, 2010 06:58 AM

Thank you!

I am one of those fangirls on livejournal - and while i openly admit to said fangirling, I am stunned by just how many people have decided they no longer find him a) attractive enough to watch and b) talented enough to watch. Shallow much?

I wouldn't choose for him to have the 'tache either, but hearing more about his character I can understand it.

Thank you for a brilliant article!

Posted by: Marie at January 13, 2010 01:48 PM

I totally agree with your article. He will always be the mot attractive man on the planet, with or without a mustache for all the reasons you've posted!

Posted by: Lee at January 13, 2010 02:36 PM

Well, I'm a fangirl and really dislike the 'tasche but I watch anything he is in, regardless of how he looks. I honestly think most true fans feel the same. He can deliver truly memorable screen moments.

I'm more amused by the number of articles appearing about the 'tasche NOW. Honestly, where have these people been???

I disagree slightly with you on point 4. Compared to other celebrities neither he or Jane have kept their kids out of the spotlight. There are many images of them with their parents at celebrity events. Jane recently showed family snaps on TV. Sure, they don't parade their kids a la Suri Cruise but maybe they could take a leave out of the book of Rob Lowe, Nicole Kidman etc. The Whitford children are recognisable in public (I have seen them in NY and knew them immediately)and I don't think that is a positive.

Posted by: Kathy at January 13, 2010 03:02 PM

I'm a fan girl, too. The slug doesn't bother me by its existance, really. I mean, it's not the most attractive STYLE of moustache he could grow, and as long as he doesn't let it get either A) too ratty or B) too grey (let's face it, by his own admission, he colors his hair now), I'll cope. But, I still find him hot, if quite adorkable and will continue to watch him, because he's still a good actor AND nice eye candy. This is actually the latest of several staches he's had. He grew one for the version of this show that NBC passed on, he had one years ago when he was trying to look less like a kid and he grew a full 'stache and beard set for an episode of the X Files, which wasn't bad.

As for his kids, well, they kinda have to be out in public to SOME degree, that's simply unavoidable. But, you don't see the oldest, Frances, parading around Hollyweird with a pack of her buddies, wearing less than she wore the day she was born. And none of them are really interested in following in Mom & Dad's footsteps, at least until after college. In fact, he said that one of them didn't want to know from acting AT ALL, and he was pleased about that. They're gonna be just fine.

Posted by: Amy at January 14, 2010 12:21 AM

Well said, Kat! My preferance is a moustacheless Bradley, but I'd rather have him on TV with a moustache than not on TV at all. And of course, he's an actor and actor's inhabit new characters all the time, and new characters have different appearances. I love a guy who's prepared to suffer for his art!

Posted by: susan at January 25, 2010 10:28 AM

Well, the first I saw Bradley Whitford was on The Good Guys (with the 'stache').
Went on-line tonight to see more pictures of him and I have to say I think he is HOTTER with the stache than without.
What can I say, I am a fan of the stache, especially on him!

Posted by: Mary at January 9, 2011 06:59 PM
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