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November 13, 2009

Football in the Snow

Pretty Pictures

I'm trying to ignore the fact that it will likely be raining during my brother's game tomorrow, so hey, how'd you like to see some pictures of last week? I was somewhat surprised to arrive in Maine and find snow on the ground. I don't know why I was surprised, since it's, you know, Maine, but I was.

There was enough snow that the game had to be delayed so they could clear the field and pile the snow on the sidelines:

Football in the Snow, I

Here they are getting ready to play and somehow not freezing. My brother is #70, about nine guys from the right:

Football in the Snow, II

I may or may not have taken this next one because there are certain people on that team who are rather more attractive than nineteen-year-olds have any right to be. Moving on!

Football in the Snow, III

I picked a bad moment to take a picture of the scoreboard, because they actually won! 34-31! But I was focusing more on making sure I took the pictures at pretty moments than on, you know, accurately reporting on the game.

Football in the Snow, IV

This was taken in the second half, when it was getting pretty cold. You can tell because Dave (#70, second from the left) had actually rolled his long sleeves all the way down. I almost passed out from shock at that one. (This is the boy who used to wear shorts pretty much all year. Until he moved to Maine.)

Football in the Snow, V

I love the sky in winter:

Football in the Snow, VI

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