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November 08, 2009

Human Prozac

2009 Finishes: Knitting

I had a rough week. Nothing big, really, just a bunch of little things that added up to a lot of generalized stress and anxiety. But then I spent my Friday evening like this, and immediately felt a million times better:

Human Prozac

I basically walked into my friends' apartment, said "Here's a baked ziti," and then made them let me hold the baby for four hours. (Not that they seemed to mind. I think they were ready for a break.) He's about six weeks old and all snuggly and warm and has that wonderful baby smell. Definitely the best way to end the week.

I also brought him this:

Andy's Sweater

That's an awful, awful picture but I couldn't get it to come out any better. I promise it's cuter in person. It's Debbie Bliss's Ribbed Baby Jacket, and I think it's in one of her books but I got the pattern for free from a British magazine's Web site. Ravelry page here.

Posted by Kat at November 8, 2009 08:59 AM

Yay babies! I'm glad you had such a nice Friday night. Also I love the ribbed baby jacket - I'm actually wearing the super-long (purchased) grown up version right now, and plan on living in it all winter, since it's basically like wearing a super warm soft blanket shawl with sleeves. Mmmmmmm....

Posted by: Eliz at November 8, 2009 11:39 AM

Yeah, that looks like the best way to end a day. I love that sweet cuddly phase, where they smell all nice, and their breath tickles your neck.

Posted by: Ayanna at November 8, 2009 08:19 PM
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