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November 05, 2009


Meanwhile, in the outside world...

(Hey, I just realized that the Yankees have the same number of championships as years I've been alive! Nifty. Anyway.)

Baseball is stressful. I don't even care that much, honestly, and it's still stressful. I don't actually watch unless I'm with people who are watching, but I'll open up MLB.com Gameday in a tab in my browser and check back to see how things are going. And, of course, these days it's pretty easy to follow along on Twitter. I don't really follow many sports-specific Tweeters (with the exceptions of my friend's husband who's a baseball reporter and NPR's Mike Pesca), but, of course, a large number of the political journalists and other people I follow happen to be big baseball fans. (Really, if you're not already reading Spencer Ackerman for his national security stuff - although YOU SHOULD BE - read him for his Yankees commentary.)

And I certainly don't talk about baseball much, because I live up here in the middle of Red Sox land, and even if I don't care about baseball that much, I know which side I'm on. My parents are Yankee fans. My grandparents are Yankee fans. It's really not even a question. But I really, really am not interested in getting into big discussions about it with friends or coworkers, so I just don't mention it and let them think that I'm just oblivious about the whole thing. I wear a cap that looks suspiciously Yankee-colored but is in fact for Colby football, because no one can possibly argue with that.

But even when I'm not really paying much attention, this latent Yankee whatever is there in the back of my mind, and things do seem vaguely out of whack when they're not doing well. And I get caught up in the excitement and the season and post-season progresses, to the point that by the World Series this year, I was checking Gameday fairly obsessively as I went about my evening, and stayed up later than I had intended to see how things were going. So. All of this was an overlong and disjointed way of saying that even I am surprised by how happy I am this morning. As Spencer Ackerman tweeted last night, "The Universe. Restored."

Posted by Kat at November 5, 2009 06:43 AM
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