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September 03, 2008

Sunny Wednesday Randoms


1. Bones premiere! Yay!!! Of course, it conflicts with the RNC, so I keep pausing to watching the interesting speeches.

2. Congratulations to Crystal and her family on their upcoming addition!

3. I can't believe it's September already. But believe me, I'm happy about it. And the trees are already turning! I was determined not to miss it this year, so I've been inspecting the trees every day. Last week, it was just a few turned leaves here and there, but now they're starting to turn in earnest.

4. Has anyone read Kristin Lavransdatter? Do we have a preferred translation?

5. Anyone tried Google Chrome yet? I've just started playing with it... it looks fine, but I don't quite see what's so exciting yet.

6. I have a very cute kitten curled up on the back of the couch behind me. Awww.

7. I have SO much knitting I'm trying to get done by Christmas. And there are so many things I want to read. Do I really have to go to work? It wastes so much time...

Posted by Kat at September 3, 2008 08:28 PM
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