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September 02, 2008

Quick Sarah Palin Catch Up

Warning: Liberal

I was completely out of the news loop over the long weekend, as I suspect many people were. Here's a list of Sarah Palin news that came out over the past few days, for those wanting to catch up.

The first and last thing I will post about Bristol Palin*: everyone should leave her alone, as she didn't choose to have her private life thrust onto the national stage. And I hope she wasn't unduly pressured to make the decisions that would be least harmful to her mother's campaign.

Oh, and I will point out that Mary Cheney is the daughter of the Republican vice president and an unwed mother. But her father's party's platform is actively opposed to letting her get married. So. Just saying.

Edited to add: As far as the various conspiracy theories: Sarah Palin looked pregnant before Trig was born.

* Okay, I lie. I love wedding pictures and baby pictures and will undoubtedly post links to those, if they eventually surface. And... oh, probably other stuff. But this is the only thing I'll say about this "news/issue."

Posted by Kat at September 2, 2008 10:24 AM
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