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September 03, 2008

Daily Reading (9/03/08)

Daily Reading

The strange resurrection of John Kerry

The incomparable Megan Carpentier liveblogs Lieberman. And Fred Thompson.

Interesting comparison of Obama's and McCain's memoirs

The Washington Post has a nice preview of upcoming fall books.

Is Google Chrome a Web browser or an operating system?

It seems that John Le Carre's son has started writing.

A history of the Booker prize.

In search of Roland Camberton. (No, I hadn't heard of him either, but it's interesting.)

The Henry Ford of literature. (Nope, hadn't heard of him either.)

Palin links:

Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin's boyfriend, is heading to the convention to be with the rest of the family. His mom sounds delightfully normal.

Mayor Palin: A Rough Record

Aides say Palin was vetted on Wednesday. (Yes, a week ago.) Apparently this was one of the questions in the VP interviews:

If Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean announced that he was holding a news conference with a mystery person to reveal damaging information about the candidate, who would they most fear it would be?


If Wright was an issue, then Palin's pastor should be an issue, right? Palin was at church a few weeks ago when her pastor said that terrorist attacks in Israel were God's punishment of the Jewish people who have not converted to Christianity.

A lobbyist Palin hired has ties to Ted Stevens and Jack Abramoff.

It looks like Palin was not a member of the Alaska Independence Party. Her husband was, but I'm not convinced that matters.

How Palin is portrayed in the tabloids.

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