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August 22, 2008

Daily Reading (8/22/08)

Daily Reading

Compelling and thought-provoking essay: Pinched: The Day I Took My Family to a Soup Kitchen

And on a lighter note, pretend IMs from VP hopefuls.

A new study shows that fewer Americans want to mix religion and politics. That makes me happy, not least because my political views don't line up very well with those of most members of my Church.

Fascinating: realtime emergency and disaster map.

Top 10 Literary Gypsies What about the ones in... Emma, is it? Oh, and here's the Top 10 Literary Virgins, although some of those selections seem a bit dodgy.

Anne Enright on naming characters.

In celebration of Enid Blyton.

A new-to-me blog, Jane Austen's World, has an interesting exploration of hot chocolate in the 18th and 19th centuries. Mmm, hot chocolate...

An interesting profile of Persephone, a publishing house dedicated to "forgotten" women writers. I wonder if they're available Stateside? Must look into that...

Apparently Penguin (the publisher) is starting some sort of dating site for reader. Huh. I might actually try that... Oh, and here it is. But maybe UK-only? Hm.

A fun post about book abuse. And another about book addiction. And, huh, another. Please seem very concerned about this all of a sudden.

A new book review site: LitMob.

Posted by Kat at August 22, 2008 05:32 PM

regarding the abuse/addiction. woah. addiction totally sounds like me. i freaked out the other day when i didn't think i had any appropriate books in the house. it was a bit scary actually. have you *seen* my current reading list (currently on goodreads)

Posted by: penny at August 22, 2008 06:52 PM

You will have to wrest my book out of my cold dead fingers. And even then, good luck.

Posted by: Carrie K at August 22, 2008 07:43 PM
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