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July 02, 2008

Review: The Sewing Machine Guide by John Giordano

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The Sewing Machine Guide by John Giordano
Genre: Sewing
Pages: 105
Rating: 3.4

I am thinking about buying a sewing machine (advice welcome!), so this book's subtitle of "Tips on Choosing, Buying, and Refurbishing" made me very hopeful that it would be a good resource to help me through the process. It wasn't. Somewhat inexplicably, I thought, the book was written only for people who already had at least one sewing machine and were considering buying a new one. I guess that's a pretty big market, but it seemed weird that first-time buyers were not even mentioned. Giordano assumes that his readers know a lot about sewing machines and nothing about computers, so much of the book is devoted to explaining this newfangled computerized stuff that machines have these days. But my problem is the opposite - I know a fair amount about computers, but next to nothing about sewing machines. So I guess what I'm saying is that this book isn't necessarily bad, but I was not its proper audience, and I didn't think the target audience was properly telegraphed by the title/cover/etc. There were also a few general life philosophy-type statements that the author assumed all his readers agreed with that bothered me, but of course at the moment I can't remember any examples. Something about his attitude toward the use of leisure time and/or money. Yeah, I know, that's very specific and helpful of me. Oh, and he also pretty much said that if you don't have $1000 to spend on a machine, just don't bother, so that was disheartening (and, I'm hoping, not quite true?), since I can't spend that much right now.

Posted by Kat at July 2, 2008 05:19 PM

I sent you an e-mail with other thoughts about this issue, but I forgot to mention that you can get a brand-new Janome or Singer for around $100, if you don't want to spend time looking for a used one. But I think you could find a used one on Craigslist or somewhere like that pretty easily.

Posted by: Caitlin at July 2, 2008 07:50 PM

I have to put in a plug for vintage machines. I have 3 and I just love them. Of course it depends on what you want to do with them, but they're all metal and just keep running and running. Inexpensive too.

Posted by: Sonya at July 2, 2008 08:18 PM
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