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April 30, 2008

Wednesday randoms, on a Wednesday, even!


Aren't you proud of me? Yeah.

* I keep expecting it to be warm out. It isn't. It's sunny, unlike yesterday, but that vague thought we had of eating at the tables outside Panera? Yeah, not so much.

* The Yarn Harlot event at Webs was great. I have pictures, even. I'll try to post them tonight.

* I'm moving! I think I keep forgetting to tell you. Just a few towns over, so not a huge move in geographic or life-changing ways, but I'm beyond stressed about the actual moving process. Dewey and I will have one human roommate, three feline roommates, and two Roomba roommates. It should be an adventure.

* After many recommendations from you guys and others, I finally got Danskos. I heart them muchly. I should have listened to you all much sooner.

* Dude, seriously? They're up to PC3-10600 on SDRAM ratings now? I had no idea. And in case you were wondering, Wikipedia tells me that DDR3 DIMMs have the same number of pins (240) and are the same size as DDR2, but are electrically incompatible. Okay. Moving on.

* This article about teen girls "customizing" their religious beliefs sounds really interesting. Interesting enough to make me buy Cosmo Girl!? We'll see.

* Can we discuss the whole door-holding issue for a minute? Sure, it's nice to hold doors for people. I am not convinced that it's nice to hold doors for people who are still halfway across the building, so they feel dumb and pretty much run to the door because oh my gosh you're holding it for them and what else are they supposed to do? People! Stop it!

* I'm slightly embarrassed by how thrilled I am that new TV episodes are back. I'm loving Bones and Gossip Girl, and I thought last week's Grey's was enh but the clips I've seen from tomorrow's look really good. And I have last night's Women's Murder Club on the TiVo to watch tonight. Wheee!

* Remember when I had that race with my friend to see if I could finish a baby blanket before she gave birth? (I lost, that time.) We're having the race again. I'm even knitting the same freaking blanket (in a different color). I'm about 25-30% done with the blanket, and she's already, what, 36 weeks? So I have a feeling I will lose again. But I'm going to try.

Posted by Kat at April 30, 2008 02:18 PM

T might surprise us all. I am not having the prodromal labor I had with A at this same point in pgcy. So. Anyway yay for T's blanket :) I am sewing him one, probably tonight, cowboys. wheee

Posted by: aisling at April 30, 2008 05:52 PM

You could always look for CosmoGirl at your local library.

Posted by: Marlyn at April 30, 2008 06:18 PM
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