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December 19, 2007

Wednesday Randoms


1. Do you ever get those "knitting emergency!!" messages? I love those. My lovely cousin (hi Liz!), whom I taught to knit a few months ago, sent me a text message last night, along the lines of "I don't know what I did to my hat! Call if you're awake." I called (of course I was awake. It's the week before Christmas. I was knitting.), but I think her hat is a bit far gone for over-the-phone rescue. I'll help it in person when I go to her parents' Christmas parade party on Saturday. (Christmas parade party! Doesn't that sound like fun? I'm excited.)

2. I got an e-mail from MoveOn yesterday with a subject line along the lines of "Bush defeated on illegal wiretapping." I totally read it as "illegal giftwrapping." Hee.

3. On Tychus - do we think it's worth it to do a provisional cast on and then graft it, instead of seaming? Discuss amongst yourselves and get back to me. Thanks.

4. I started a Banff a few months ago, to be a big "pull on over anything and wear around the house" sweater, and then put it aside to do the Christmas things. This morning, I was thinking about how I was looking forward to getting back to it in January, but then I suddenly became very worried about all that ribbing on the bottom. I am not sure I will actually want to wear something with that much ribbing. Do we think it would be okay with the whole thing stockinette? (Yes, I know it would roll, but I'm not convinced that would be bad in this case.) Just a little ribbing? Other thoughts?

5. We're getting yet another snowstorm tonight! I'm particularly excited because Thursday mornings are when I usually volunteer at a local elementary school. It's not that I don't want to go tomorrow, but it's been so long since being able to check for a snow day actually meant anything for me!

6. Six days. Status update on the various Christmas stuff later.

7. I'm venturing to the post office at lunch. Wish me luck.

Posted by Kat at December 19, 2007 09:30 AM

I've been wearing one of my early sweaters around the house, and it has only a little ribbing. The real key, I think, is making it bigger than you usually would so it feels comfy and fits over pajamas or whatever else. Also, be wary of big sleeves. Hard to knit while wearing them.

Posted by: Theresa at December 19, 2007 05:14 PM
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