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December 04, 2006

It was nice while it lasted.

Of course I can knit that before Christmas.

Remember my whole "I'm not doing any holiday deadline knitting this year" thing? Yeah. Not so much. Well, okay, it's only one thing that's been added. I realized that I needed to knit a scarf for my Secret Santa recipient at the bookstore. Here's why:

1. I knit scarves for my Secret Santa people the past two years. I doubt anyone is really noticing/keeping track, but I'd feel bad if the person DID know that I had given handknits in the past and felt like I didn't like her because I didn't knit for her.
2. My recipient this year happens to be the person who was my Secret Santa last year, and she gave me some great stuff, so I want to do something especially nice for her.
3. I haven't actually thought of anything else that I know she'd like.

So. A scarf it is. I think I'm going to go with the reversible scarf from Cables Untangled: An Exploration of Cable Knitting. It looks like it might take a while, but it looks fun, so we'll see. I'm thinking a rich brown would be good for this person. Heading to the yarn store tomorrow...

Posted by Kat at December 4, 2006 11:35 AM

Isn't it amazing how some deadline knitting ALWAYS sneaks in?!

Posted by: Chris at December 4, 2006 01:40 PM

Hmmmm. What about that wonderful scarf you finished Nov. 8 (can't find the name). Not that you have to give her *that* scarf, but that would be an unusual and lovely handmade gift. Anyway, don't make it *too* demanding or you'll get in a time crunch to finish!

Posted by: Amy at December 4, 2006 03:54 PM

Aw! Scarves are easy and you are knitting one for someone who will really use it and enjoy it that will be great!

I remember reading on a blog one time about the blogger knitted a scarf for her postman and then saw him wearing it while delivering the mail. I thought that was great!

Posted by: Jenni at December 4, 2006 08:07 PM

Good luck! I still have some Christmas knitting to do. Nothing as big as a scarf though.

Posted by: Arleta at December 4, 2006 08:39 PM

I always say I'm not going to do any deadline holiday knitting. I seems to do at least a couple of small things though.

Posted by: Sydney at December 5, 2006 12:17 AM

I find secret santa's absolutely nerve wracking... in fact I almost always find gettinng presents for people that I don't know well to be nerve wracking.

Posted by: alltangledup at December 5, 2006 02:48 AM
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