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December 31, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

I love lists!

Well, it's that time again. Fewer this year, though, because last year's list just went so well.

1. Get one of my novels-in-progress to the point at which I can start submitting it to agents and/or publishers.

2. Read 100 books, at least some of which are from my mental "I really need to get around to reading that" list. (I don't know, 100 just seemed like a good number. I like goals.) Keep track of them.

3. Finish more knitting projects than I start, and decrease the size of the stash. And keep track of what I knit, because it would be nice to know.

4. Finish a gorram sweater. Finally.

5. Finish losing the weight I want to lose. (No need to get into the particulars here, as I write about that elsewhere.)

6. Try to relax. A little. Sometime. I'm really bad at that, and I make my life much more difficult/stressful than it really needs to be.

Posted by Kat at December 31, 2005 07:41 PM

A modest enough list, and open-ended enough that I'd say you have a shot at accomplishing some of it. Good for you!

Happy New Year, honey, and may 2006 bring you much joy and satisfaction!

Posted by: Folkcat at January 1, 2006 12:11 AM

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