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December 22, 2005

Random Wednesday: Solstice Edition


1. Happy Solstice. I don't have the brainpower to write anything coherent at the moment, so go read Cate. At least I managed to light a candle in my house-shaped candle holder. I guess that's something.

2. Christmas knitting update: Three things totally done, and a fourth just needs ends woven in. A few other things have been postponed or replaced, because really, I'll be crazy enough as it is. Full update coming tomorrow as I officially enter IT.

3. This evening I tried to make sweet and sour meatballs for the work potluck tomorrow. The meatballs self-destructed. I'm going to just tell everyone it's sweet and sour sloppy joes. That's perfectly reasonable, right?

4. Said meatballs/sloppy joes included wine in the ingredient list. So clearly I had to drink some, right? Yum.

5. I took today off and went Christmas shopping in Boston with my cousin. It was lovely. I REALLY don't want to go back to work tomorrow.

6. I want to bake something. Maybe fudge. Hmm. Yes, I know I have to knit. I can knit and bake at the same time, right?

Posted by Kat at December 22, 2005 12:18 AM

Congrats on finishing. Mmmm, fudge. What an excellent idea.

Posted by: Kat at December 22, 2005 08:03 AM

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