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November 14, 2005

Welcome to the fold...

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Let's have a round of applause! The roommate has finished his first knitting project:

Adorable, no? I have concluded that my bear needs a scarf too.

(By the way, Aloysius is the name of the roommate's bear, not the roommate himself. And my bear, nee Snowflake, has become Watson. It seems to fit him better.)

So really, I think someone should sell learn to knit kits that include this bear. (With, perhaps, a storybook involving the bear himself knitting? Oh, the possibilities for cuteness are overwhelming...) Because the roommate had been working on a scarf for himself (that will, by the way, match the bear's scarf) on and off for a month now with interest but no particular enthusiasm. And then he got Aloysius and needed to knit him a scarf RIGHT NOW. And he's already talking about his next project. I'm telling you, it's a surefire method.

Posted by Kat at November 14, 2005 04:53 PM

oh that is quite a cute bear! i like the scarf, he did a good job, yay c!

Posted by: aisling at November 14, 2005 08:24 PM

You may be on to something there, Kat. Now you just have to bring him to either the monthly Monday or the weekly Thursday knitting groups! The roommate, that is, though Aloysius and Watson should come along, too. :)

Posted by: Folkcat at November 15, 2005 12:36 AM

lovely, lovely, lovely idea! I'm glad to hear that he's returning to the scarf - with a bear and scarf that cute I can see why he wants to finish one for him!

(the name Watson meets my approval; not that you asked though ;^)...)

Posted by: Kristen at November 15, 2005 10:44 PM

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