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August 24, 2005

Must knit.


You know that whole "Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises" thing? It seems to actually work. I mean, not that I didn't believe it, but I hadn't really tested it out in quite this way. But it works. I can barely eat or sleep; I can't seem to concentrate on books or magazines or even long Web sites. But I can knit. So I am knitting. Lots. Some random knitting observations:

1. I am still infatuated with Birch, although I am considering ripping out and restarting on smaller needles. It's kinda loose, and I have heard rumors of people running out of yarn. Ack. Opinions?

2. Small shoes. Stephanie's right; they're the answer to everything. I bought yarn yesterday and will start some from the magical small shoes book.

3. The boring baby blanket. I want to make one, but am having trouble finding machine washable light worsted cotton that will not cost $100 to get 840m of the stuff. I love the baby (and, more to the point, the mother) but can't justify spending that much. I was thinking more in the $30 range. Maybe $50. Suggestions? I got an acrylic somethingerother but am not thrilled with it. (Although it will make fine hats/mittens for generic holiday gifts.)

4. Given the three items above, I must say: am I the only one who thinks that Stephanie's next book should be some sort of lifetime knitting plan? You know, like those "what to read to be well read" books. With much more room for scatterbrainedness. Wouldn't that be fun?

5. What is with companies stopping putting yardage on yarn labels? This seems to be an alarming trend. How am I supposed to know how many skeins I need?

Posted by Kat at August 24, 2005 03:29 PM

I'm working on a baby blanket too, using 4 skeins of Cestari (http://www.yarndex.com/yarn.cfm?yarn_id=416) I got at Circles for under $30! It's a wool/cotton blend that doesn't felt and can be machine washed using the gentle cycle.

Posted by: Kat at August 24, 2005 04:30 PM

definitely do not spend $100 making a blanket that will be thrown up on, pooped on and chewed. Hopefully not in that order....


hope you are doing better....

Posted by: chatty Jen at August 25, 2005 08:15 PM

Cheap cheap me, Katherine, I like to use Bernat Softee Baby - around here (California) they cost less than $5 a skein and only need 4 to complete a decent sized blanket. It's not the softest yarn at first but gets better when it is washed. Good luck.

Posted by: Julie at August 26, 2005 06:25 PM

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