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April 26, 2005

What was I thinking?


I did something very foolish today.

As a reward for finishing the paper due tonight (let's not talk about the one due tomorrow, eh?), I brought Stephanie's book to read on the T, which is like the subway for you non-Boston people. (No, this was not the foolish thing. Of course not.) Now, the book made delightful T reading--nice little snippets, so no getting annoyed at having to stop in the middle of the chapter to do something silly like change trains. Plus I want to finish it before I meet her (!!!) on Friday.

Now, here's the foolish thing: I didn't bring any knitting with me. I know. How could I be so stupid? I had thought about throwing some in my bag this morning, but then thought, "Why?" (That I even thought that is a testament to how ill and sleep-deprived my allergies have made me.) What did I mean, why? When did I ever need a reason to bring knitting anywhere? What is in this allergy medicine that is making me so insane?

So now I am reading along in the delightful book, la di da, and my hands are practically itching to knit. How could I not have realized this would happen? It's a book about knitting. By Stephanie. What did I think it would make me want to do, go bowling? Worse, there is someone in my Tuesday night class who generally knits during class. (I have stopped doing this, as many teachers somehow saw it as a sign of disrespect.) Wish me luck with not grabbing it out of her hands.

Posted by Kat at April 26, 2005 05:34 PM

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