Kathy's Reviews

1. Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood
0385475721 : $26.00 521 p 2000

This multi-layered story begins in pre-WWI Canada and spans four generations of the Chase family. There is sibling rivalry, greed, a child molester, and sub-plots galore. Our narrator, Iris, is both observer and participant in the plots to gain wealth, survive the depression, and write a science fiction story. Yes, all of these plots tie together at the end. An interesting, if lengthy read.

2. The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club by Susan McBride
0060564083 c2006, 332 p.

Third in the Debutante Dropout Mystery series, this light fun centers around Andrea and her high society mother, Cissy as they investigate the deaths of Cissy's bridge club members who have taken up residence at the new Belle Meader retirement committee. Although this isn't a mind boggling mystery, it is still fun to see the interaction between debutante dropout Andy and her blue-blooded mother. Even while sending jabs and zingers, they demonstrate their love for each other in every action.

3. Crusader's Cross by James Lee Burke
July 2005, ISBN 0743277198, 336 p.

This Dave Robicheaux thriller is a flashback to first, Louisiana in the 1950s when his brother Jimmie was in love with an "innocent" hooker by the name of Ida Durbin, and then, decades later when Dave shows interest in the murder of Ida by the New Orleans mob. To add to the excitement (and confusion), there is a serial killer who takes Dave's wife hostage. Burke has an almost poetical tone to his storytelling that keeps you reading despite the slight predictability to the plot.

4. Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris
ISBN 0425205681 : $23.95, 272 p.

This is the first book in a new series by prolific Harris. I have read and enjoyed the Aurora Teegarden series but have never read the Vampire or Lily Bard series. This new series features a stepbrother and sister with quite a past. Harper Connelly was struck by lightning as a pre-teen and nearly died. Her stepbrother Tolliver resusitates her and from then on Harper has the ability to find lost dead people and see their death. The team use this skill to earn a ghoulish living locating lost people, as long as they're dead. This talent leads them to a job in the Ozarks that gets complicated by the living. They are soon involved in the drama and emotions of the people connected to the lost dead who have been found. Good read.

5. Verse of the Vampyre by Diana Killian
ISBN 0743466799 : $7.00, 352 p.

Second in an intriguing mystery/romance series that take place in the Lake District of England. Grace Hollister, an American schoolteacher and scholar who is on sabbatical while she researches and writes a book about Lord Byron, takes part in an amateur production of a play, titled The Vampyre written by Lord Byron's doctor. Soon there is a death or two with very suspicious marks left on the victims necks. A vampyre? In the meantime Grace's love interest, ex-jewel thief(?), Peter Fox is acting very cool toward her. To top off all of these events, her former lover and fellow teacher, Chaz Honeyburn III shows up on her doorstep to complicate matters. Although a light mystery, the trivia tidbits about Lord Byron, Dr. Pollidori, and their comrades add interest to this series.

6. Killer Instinct by Joseph Finder
May 2006 ISBN: 0312347472, 416 p.

Cool story about an electronics salesman who becomes acquainted with a dishonorably discharged former Special Forces maniac. Kurt Semko slowly encroaches into the personal life and career of Jason Steadman at first helping Jason advance his position within the company and then becoming a threat to Jason and his wife. I had trouble putting this one down until the surprise ending. Recommended reading.