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Okay I love the "men of Austen"- I just visited today and saw that.... thanks for the great link.

Posted by Angel at January 16, 2008 09:57 PM

That Susan Falludi article is great!

Posted by Eliz at January 18, 2008 07:38 PM

Here from your comments on Rachel's blog (I tend to enjoy reading her even though we disagree on most positions too.) I'm not normally a fan of Susan Faludi, but that's an interesting article. I hope she's right, though then there's also her point that any stereotype is at most a second-best way to understand a person.

Posted by dichroic at January 20, 2008 12:04 AM

Interesting compass quiz for your candidate! I ran across this link today. It's a quiz, but more old school list of questions w/the anwers and it's the candidates.

Posted by Carrie K at January 23, 2008 06:45 PM
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