Comments: Review: The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn

A quick glance at the title of this post had me thinking it was The Assassination of... instead of The Anunciation of..., so it was exciting to read the blurb. It sounds like something I might like.

Posted by sprite at June 4, 2007 09:51 AM

Sounds really interesting. Although after reading a few of the recent reviews (and finding several available on Audible), I'm pretty sure that I'll never get anything done if I continue to follow your recommendations. Of course, there are worse ways to spend your life than reading continuously... ;)

Posted by Lene at June 5, 2007 11:19 PM

Double-commenting between here and LJ, in a vast conspiracy to get more people to read more books ;) This seems to me like it shares some themes with "Secrets of Sant'Angelo," by Jeff Shapiro

Posted by Eliz at June 7, 2007 10:20 PM
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