Comments: Nick Hornby, will you marry me?

I'd no idea there was a new Nick Hornby book. Yet another thing to add to my overburdened hold list. Thanks for letting me know! :)

Posted by Rachel at October 15, 2006 03:00 AM

Oooo, wait until you hear his voice! He was on NPR recently, reading one of his stories that's in a collection. Plus other radio interviews on his books. And I LOVED The Long Way Down!

Posted by Nita at October 15, 2006 09:20 AM

I have 2, count 'em, 2! Nick Hornby books on my bookshelf that I haven't read yet, and now you tell me there's another one? So many books, so little time...

Posted by kmkat at October 15, 2006 08:26 PM

How can nobody in my whole library system own this?? That's it, I'm ordering it for my library! (and then, maybe for me)

Posted by alissa at October 25, 2006 07:27 PM
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