Comments: Question 22: Endless Music

YES. That's been stuck in my head since about 2 this morning.

(I can't sleep for more than an hour at a time, apparently.)

Posted by Ali at July 30, 2006 06:14 AM

Perfect choice. I love that version.

Posted by Carrie K at July 30, 2006 06:18 AM

I love that song, though I love Leonard so I might be a little partial to that version. Great choice.

Posted by AmyW at July 30, 2006 12:20 PM

I've resisted from commenting on any more books (but I love all of the books that have writing that you've mentioned [will be checking out the picture books]) but felt I had to comment on this. Such a beautiful song - I always have to stop what I'm doing when I hear it and just listen!

Posted by Jenni at July 30, 2006 01:09 PM

excellent choice ... must go pull out grace

Posted by Liz at July 30, 2006 05:59 PM
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