Comments: Demon's Lexicon Discussion: Chapter Two

Ms. Brennan does a fantastic job of character building in this chapter! I love that she puts in little blips of info, like Nick not liking to read, without beating us over the head. Allan, the soft-hearted fool in love, is so (seemingly) blissfully unaware for an older brother it's scary.

I have a feeling the circles have something to with crazy mom. She has to be a magician gone rouge or someone with demon markings or a conduit of demon-fighting powers as yet unexplained... Something.

I like Mae more, knowing that Jamie is such an unbeliever. Scratch marks? really? From what?Insect bites in the same place? Pffft. However, WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS? Allen and Nick have an excuse. I know it's teen lit, and generally parents/teachers/adults in general are explained away, but I get annoyed. I really hope it's explained later.

Also, Why are you not a teacher?

Posted by Metzgirl at April 15, 2011 10:38 AM
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