Comments: My Boys 4.9: "My Men"

I was a little irritated by how obvious it was that ONE of them had to buy Crowley's, and how that needed a "big reveal" at the end of the episode. I was glad Mike and Marcia got married (hey! Brady Bunch names!), although a little frustrated at the way their decisiveness emphasized the uncertainty about whether the others' relationships are *actually* with their forever people, since that's never yet been outright stated but seems plausible, at least for PJ and Bobby. Although, I guess, maybe those characters are still figuring that out for themselves. Continuing with the "My Boys creepily parallels my life" theme, a lot of PJ's work/life balance issues really resonated with me (you know, since I'm in grad school for a JD & MBA with the hopes of setting myself up for some sort of hard-charging, high-powered career).

Oh, and best quote (at first I thought it was from this episode, but now I think it's from the last) would be the interchange between Mike and Crowley, roughly:
Crowley: You threw up in my wife's purse.
Mike: How did you know it was me?
Crowley: You told me, "I'm going to throw up in your wife's purse." I took you at your word as a gentleman.

Posted by your cousin Liz at September 14, 2010 11:37 AM
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