Comments: My Boys 4.6: "Hanger Management"

The last few episodes of this show have been paralleling my life in so many weird ways - let it never be said that it's not realistic! I definitely agree with you in wanting PJ to figure out how to ovary up and just talk about stuff w/ Bobby soon. But, you know, it occurred to me just as I was reading your recap - isn't it kind of nice and against stereotype that the lady is the one in the relationship who's a crummy communicator, rather than the dude, even though guys are "supposed" to be the ones who can't talk about their feelings? A little bit frustrating, I suppose, in that it sometimes feels like they push the "PJ's just one of the guys" angle of things a bit too heavily, but I feel like they're consistent enough about it that it does ring true. Whew! Now that I practically wrote another recap in response to your recap...

Posted by your cousin Liz at August 24, 2010 06:37 PM
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